Have you ever tried Turkish tea? For a tea-addict like me, it was incredible! And thanks to these fantastic tea flavors that I got to know about Turkey, a land with rich history in culture and food has also shaped the history of economics. The concept of stock exchange, commerce…

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The research firm HolonIQ estimates that less than 3% of education spend is allocated to technology. However, with global pandemic hitting us, technology plays a crucial role in education. In fact a report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India has mapped the growth in usage from 2019 to 2020. …

Sailing Solo comes with its disadvantages, you do not have a team to share things, you want to get advice but you have no one to goto. …

In the year 2006, when I was in Pune, many Israelis were staying within our locality. Apart from the country name and a possibility of locating it on the world map, I hardly knew anything about Israel. So when I was offered this post, I never thought it would be…

While, as a technology provider firm we always urge our clients’ Banks and FI’s to adopt “Digital Channels,” we also stress on How to evaluate the ROI of a Digital Bank after implementing the banking solution.

Here is a quick guide that would guide you to look for KPI’s and…

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Stats of Personal loan [a type of Unsecured Loan]

*Performance of Unsecured loans is worsening because of its risky nature and low capital backing

*The challenges are mostly “manual underwriting” and “physical collection” during the pandemic that are in process of getting digitized.

*As per RBI data Personal loan [a type of unsecured loan] grew at a slower pace…

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This morning I got up at 6:30 am, ahhh, got late was my first thought!

But then I took another 30 mins to actually get up!

All late late but its okay, I thought!

I started my Yoga at around 7:55, and by that time he was dressed in his…

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Sailing Solo!

Free Bird!

I am the Boss!

The above lingos seem like music to ears, it seems the world has fallen to your feet and you are the Queen!

But as they say — Grass is always greener on the other side!

So this article would walk you through…

There is a very good bakery in my locality that offers whole wheat products without any preservatives. I am very fond of their Cashew Jaggery Brioche. After ordering for almost 6–7 months, I decided that let me give it a try at home. …

Hope is a magical word!

From statements like -

I will make this dish tomorrow


Will surely meet you next year [ Am I sure I would be alive or handicap]

I at times realize How much I have been taking it for granted .

While at times I…

Samiksha Seth

Hey I am Samiksha, a Fintech Product Manager currently sailing solo

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