Its Okay to Eat Bread at times!

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This morning I got up at 6:30 am, ahhh, got late was my first thought!

But then I took another 30 mins to actually get up!

All late late but its okay, I thought!

I started my Yoga at around 7:55, and by that time he was dressed in his formals heading to kitchen as he had a call at 8:30 am. I assured myself, he might not be hungry now so he can take his milk and get into the call, breakfast can wait.

After my session and meditation, when I came to kitchen I saw toaster still warm with bread crumbs on it.

I suddenly felt bad — he had bread early morning [ I have a strict rule of having only healthy and fresh option for breakfast] but then I played back my life a bit.

My Last Few Days

Since last few days, I have been anxious and all the Covid news is driving me crazy. In fact on Saturday as I picked the newspaper and I had no intention to read it, but as you can read, the headlines and pic gain your attention and I started crying. Tears were flowing down my cheeks like anything, so much pain is out there.

My school Whatsapp group is filled with request of bed requirement or medicines or quick help on oxygen at our native. My society group is also flooded with similar requirements.

As I speak to my parents and in-laws, they sound sad, as they lost someone they knew due to Covid. They are terrified and also not sure what to do.

While all this is going on, I still try to keep my sanity with meditation, chanting and reiki. But inspite of all this I could not sleep yesterday night, as soon as I tried closing my eyes, my heart raced faster like F1 racing car and I felt like I would have a heart attack.

I believe in one thing, if you have suffer it would come to you irrespective of what you do. Just these positive actions help you in dealing with them modestly. So while many people might think, being a Reiki practitioner, how can I be anxious –I accept these sufferings and honestly I am grateful to Reiki, for realizing me that these are my own doings and I need to sail through it alone.

I would my open my eyes and all was well, took some deep breaths and then again tried sleeping. But same scene gets repeated.

Finally, after almost doing this for two hours, I picked my phone and decided to listen to some music. I was feeling better now and then I tried sleeping back again — but the same thing! The clock showed 1:15.

Finally I decided unless I really feel sleepy I am not closing my eyes, and started reading, browsing and streaming.

Finally at around 3:30 am, I thought of giving a last try and said to myself, its almost morning hours, if I don’t sleep in another half an hour, I will get up by 4:00 am.

This worked like a charm, and I was in deep sleep and woke up only at 6:30 am.

When you have worked hard and something didn’t work as per your expectation, you tend to get into self-pity mode. Situation like — I put in so much effort to this project, but it didn't show that growth.

And that’s what happened, when I woke up at 6:30 am, I was hit by self-pity mode. I didn't sleep at all in the night, I deserve few minutes more.

So, although I was late, I took liberty of sleeping more, lousing around.

But How is this all related to Bread?

Image by Ishibashi01- Pixabay

Yeah, that another part of my life — the food!

I love feeding people, somehow that is like a hobby.

Recently I realized — the food industry is expanding like anything and flourishing on the confusion people like me have. From the ingredients to the way it is cooked , stored, presented and eaten all makes a big difference.

Ayurveda says to eat by your body type and season type, but then Chinese and Mexican food is for which body type? Pizza is considered to be unhealthy, but is staple diet in Italy. Oats and Quinoa is the new category of healthy stuff, but cooking it needs bit of art and time.

Methi Paratha or Palak paratha with aachar/curd are good or a strict no-no by nutritionist?

Reiki and Hindu scriptures stresses on the way of cooking, and if its not cooked with love and positive energy, the food might not serve its purpose, so even if one picks the healthiest option but if the way of cooking is not correct its a waste.

The food should not be stored in plastic or non-livable containers, but should be stored in something that is natural. But when you travel you use plastic immensely.

Then comes the form of eating, you shouldn't be mixing some combinations like milk and curd, but buttermilk is preferred at the end of the meal. Then where I should put in desserts?

I mean all of this is just “adding stress” to ones’ life, when we are already dealing with a major one like this pandemic.

So, this whole story boils down to one point — Tension nahi lene ka! [Dont stress out]

At times its okay to have bread, to skip the healthy option, to leave the kitchen unclean and not to make your bed[ I know, this one advice has been floating around for an individual to succeed.]

I feel if you are sane, all things would fall in place, no need of imitating what others do — I do not want to be another Bill Gates or Kalpana Chawla. I can be Samiksha and live, I can make my own rules and if were able to succeed till this date. I can succeed in future.

And this one is to all the individuals out there who are struggling at home to keep sanity — just relax, this too shall pass.

Keep Faith

No matter what — bread, jam and butter still taste nice and can be filling as well.

I am Samiksha, a Reiki practitioner and firm believer of Energy. Have been practicing Reiki since last 15 years, and this place is all about the experiences I gained. Currently exploring Yoga and again in love with it. If you have any questions regarding your mental well being or any help you need, feel free to comment below.

For now, just watch and breath more :-) Things would be fine.

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