The Gradual shift from e-commerce to m-commerce — Part1

Retail purchasing has seen a phenomenal change since last decade, earlier when customer used to run to markets to purchase stuff, now he just needs internet connection with a working device and he is all set for shopping with goods delivered at his doorstep.

And now we see a shift in that as well, when earlier people had an obligation to have a desktop/laptop for shopping now they can purchase stuff or get services on the go. The shift from e-commerce to m-commerce is a thrilling experience to customer.

What is e-commerce and m-commerce?



How and why m-commerce evolved?

M-commerce offers many advantages over e-commerce such as universality, personalization, mould-ability, instant connectivity, localization making it better choice for customers to adopt it.

The how of m-commerce is basically the history of its evolution. M-commerce presence was felt in year 1997 in Finland when the mobile phone enabled vending machines of Coca-Cola were installed. The mode of operation was you just sms the payment to the machine and it will accept it, allowing you to pick a drink from the vending machine. Even the first mobile banking transaction [1997] and first ringtone downloaded to mobile was successfully attempted in Finland.

Current State of m-commerce

Mobile users

Image Courtesy : ComSCORE

Mobile Users


Image Courtesy : emarketer


Mobile Apps

Image Courtesy : VisionMobile


Mobile Apps Development

Image Courtesy : VisionMobile

Mobile Apps Development

Time Spent with Mobile Apps

Image Courtesy : Localytics

Time Spent with Mobile Apps

To Wrap Up for now



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